I am going Pink, Would You...???

     This is the time or the month that I take a minute to do or give back to things in life that really     matter. I guess you can figure out that Friendsarefashion are taking after Breast Cancer awareness.  You might don't think about it until someone you love or you know, suffer from Breast Cancer. I don't want to get emotional but I can't help. I am lucky that my dearest girlfriend is a survivor, yes survivor and I feel that is part of my job as a girlfriend, daughter, sister, wife and mother to pass this to all of you girls out here dealing with this disease or even if you are not dealing. Please Stand up strong and stronger everyday.  I want to make it a little fun for you by sharing with you my Pink outfit, I am really honour specially because Pink is one of my fav colours.

Think Pink

My Pink things of this month
going Pink

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