My Confashion

Every girl is obsessed with her wedding rings, right!! Lately I am all about "styling my fingers" with rings is like candy for them. Pop culture really emphasized this trend...... I am in love with cross rings and cross necklaces, is very "Material Girl" indeed.

   Find in here :Cross ring

  And finally my Mango fashion hall review of my last  confashion, click in here confashion.



Daisy Quijada said...

OMG! Those are really great stuffs! :) I really want to buy something like this...unfortunately i can't find one here. I found one online but I don't like to buy online i want it to see to my naked eyes.


friendsarefashion said...

Daisy Quijada, Here in Edmonton we have a store name Garage and here is the link They have cool stuff, I got my cross Necklace and ring there.You must check girl, is so worth it! Yola x

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