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Well, I thought why not share my outtakes with you. You might remember this Neon blouse from this post Neon Button Up. Yes, indeed, that morning I attemped to go visit my friend that moved from Paris to Edmonton and she got sick. So that morning I wore  my hat  that I love my hat, not just for fashion statement, but also a good excuse for a bad hair day or snow days.  And what I wore in the evening, you saw it, right.....


Caroline Topperman said...

Such a great outfit! You should wear always wear yellow!

Rupa said...

Fabulous yellow shirt!


Vittoria @ The Beautiful Things said...

perfect...and that shirt is gorgeous!

xoxo from nyc & http://www.the-beautiful-things.com

Jo said...

Gorgeous yellow shirt!! Love bringing colour into a winter outfit :)


FashionEdible said...

I did not used to be a fan of neon colors but I find myself drawn to them now. They bring such life and brightness to an outfit. I want to say (again) how cute your hat is!


Pam E said...

Oh, I love Yellow On you! & Your Hat is so cute! Perfect outfit for the cold weather!

Xo Pam

Levi (tlnique) said...

Great outfit! That color looks great on you! :)


Rachelle said...

You look great love this top.


polka dot said...

Yolanda! How lovely to hear from you!

Your blog is wonderful. I hope you don't mind: I've re-posted this to LookBible (under the mood board 'self style').

In fact.. besides adding you to my blog roll so I can find you easily (in addition to LookBible).. this is the most random thing, that this should be your top post today.. I was going to do a post on how I street shot someone with a mustard yellow top, and then saw a girl inCHINA doing a similar look, and here you are. Three is such a magic number, a trilogy.

Can I use these for my post? Please?? : )

Besides StreetStyle London, you can also find me on LookBible as Jill A - we're already following each other.


(and anyone can see Yolanda's shots by signing in thru facebook: http://lookbible.com

Diane said...

this look is so pretty! love the color yellow on you!

Domenic Bartlett-Roylance said...

I like this. Clean chic. If I saw you in public I would think you are very sophisticated..


Leila Vereta said...

Really a cool outlook, yellow blouse make it brighter:)

Claudia Chitas Neto said...

Damn Girl!
I thought green was your color, but looks like you look great on any color! I loved the way u pulled out Yellow during Winter, not everybody can do that!
WOW, I am loving it!


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