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When  it comes to shopping I am certainly guilty LOL. But I do take it very personal  by personal I mean eShakti. Yes, eShakti is fashion in customized way, or even better is "Real fashion for real peolpe".  And somehow when you can customize you feel unique, right. Their retro style totally got me.

 I haven't felt this way for a long time until I had the  great experience with eShakti. While shopping for this amazing skirt, I had the opportunity to do my own sizing and fit. 

Thank you eShakti for this amazing time!!

For skirt click in here


Diane said...

i love the juxtaposition between your conservative outfit and your sassy shoes! *perfection*

Rute Solange Inacio said...

So classy :)

Rute Solange Inacio said...

So classy :)

Mo Ray said...

Oooer! I really like the colour and the pattern of the skirt :)

Mo x

Lexi said...

You look gorgeous! Love the skirt and those shoes!
Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

Caroline Topperman said...

What a great skirt. I love how full it is and it really shows off your waist!

Ak Yasmine said...

amazing look,love your shoes :)

GJ S said...

Very nice outfit! Love the colors.

Kate xo said...

I love your blog!
Would you mind checking mine out?

Pia J said...

What a great look. Love the skirt and love how you have styled it. Very classic.


Tiffy Diamond said...

Beautiful skirt and wonderful concept for a website. Whenever something is tailored to fit I always feel special. :)

Ker-Leen Joseph said...

Great Post!! Love your style! Looking forward to more!!


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