DIY Turban

Some of my friends enjoyed my turban. Here is how you can do it yourself one and rock all summer. You can do any style you want and have fun with it.

You will need:
  • Scarfs one or two or just any spare fabric ( like I used )


Jezz Dallas said...

OMG, gorgeous interior!! Tour please!!

Yolanda B said...

Jezz Dallas, thx you I might....xoxo

Caroline Topperman said...

YAY! I was waiting for this post. Love how you joined those two scarves together. I'm also loving your home? How beautiful!

Nikell said...

What a great way to use my scrap fabric. I'll have to try this...thanks for sharing (^_^)

Vanda said...

OLA!!!! Agora descobri o teu blog e ja estou apaixonada!!
Pela tua beleza,
pelo teu ESTILO,
por tudo!!! E a pensar que tu eras uma MODELO!!!!
Linda, ja estou a seguir! Sou uma Portuguesa a viver ha 16 anos na Grecia!
Es linda e adorei o teu blog! ja estou a seguir tambem no Facebook!
See you around beleza Angolana!!!

Yolanda B said...

Vanda, Obrigada !! Beijos

Yolanda B said...

@ Caroline Topperman, Thank you so much !!! xoxo

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