NYC Color Makeup for you


When comes to makeup routine I  like simple and uncomplicated things..... Because if there is something you might don't know about me is that I have two cute little ones( a boy and a girl ) so by the time I hit the bathroom I have a timer on me, I am not kidding!! So I don't own my time anymore LOL

But New York Color makeup makes pretty easy for my makeup mornings, gals!! Right now it's freezing outside and I really want to have the perfectly-sun-kissed-look so I use this bronze find in here and for my Fridays smokey eyes which I can do in 2 minutes(yes, I can)  I use this one here gals. I am in love with this lipstick. Try this eyeliner for the perfect wing for your eyes and you are ready to start your day.  

So really time is not a problem anymore when comes to my makeup routine!

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Caroline Topperman said...

Great look! I just love those eye shadow colours!

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